Your own shooting point

There are four large birch trees on the premises. From the adjacent road, many professional and amateur photographers take this tree as a subject. It is a guest’s privilege to be able to take a close-up photo of this birch from the grounds against the backdrop of Daisetsuzan. Take lots of pictures early in the morning or in the evening.

I’m sure the red fox is looking at you

Foxes come frequently, regardless of the season, and every morning in winter you can see the footprints of hares and red foxes. In spring, a chorus of small birds is performed in the large birch on the premises.

Do a lot of things you like

You can enjoy a farming life such as chopping firewood, bonfire, sledding, and driving a tractor on the premises.

What you can use for free

Firewood split

Snowshoes, Sledding

Charged option

Please make a reservation in advance.

Tractor driving experience
15 minutes 1,000 yen

Bonfire set rental
2,000 yen

Rental items: Bonfire set, fire scissors, firewood, ignition agent

BBQ set rental
3,000 yen

Rental items: barbecue stove, grill, fire scissors, charcoal, ignition agent
* Please prepare the ingredients by yourself.

Electric bicycle rental
4 hours 1,000 yen / unit (up to 3 units can be rented)

About restaurants in the suburbs

Chinese food Chai

4 minutes

Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand listing store. Reservation required at night. We also offer special courses exclusively for Villa Skavla guests. If you wish, please contact Skavla at least 3 days in advance. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request due to full seats.

Italian cafe Abete

4 minutes

The pizza for dinner is a homemade yeast dough that has a well-balanced texture, flavor, and umami mixed with Biei and Hokkaido wheat, and is fragrantly baked in a handmade wood-fired kiln. You can also enjoy handmade pasta, dolce, and Italian bio wine kneaded with natural eggs from Biei wheat, whole grain flour, and Higashikawa Farm Rera. You can also take out.

Suinokago / Cafe KITOBOSHI

5 minutes

A cafe attached to the fashionable general store Suinokago, which displays and sells birch baskets woven from birch bark and works by creators from all over Japan. You can enjoy sandwiches made with locally produced ingredients. You can also take out.

Cafe Suzuran

5 minutes

The oldest coffee shop in Biei. Although it is a coffee shop, it offers a healthy menu centered on Biei vegetables and has a wide selection of meals. Delivery is also possible with advance reservation. Order the limited quantity “Irodori Bento” by the day before.

* It may be temporarily closed, so it is recommended to make a reservation and confirmation with each store in advance.