0 minutes to a superb view
Quiet and special adult time only here

Facility introduction

It is a one-story vacation house limited to one group per day, built in the middle of a vast farmland on the hill in Biei, Hokkaido, which is famous as a hill town.

Please spend a leisurely and quiet time while gazing at the Daisetsuzan / Tokachidake mountain range and Biei hill that you can see in front of you.

People who visit Biei for the first time say, “Is this Japan? It’s an agricultural area in Europe.”

Villa Skavla is located on a 4,000 square meter site on the hill of Biei.

And many women who visit Villa Skavla for the first time say, “I want to live here.”

Large windows made in Finland overlook the wide and high sky and Biei hills with Daisetsuzan and Tokachidake in the background.The outside view changes from moment to moment from the window of the wooden frame, as if the picture in the frame moves.

Enjoy the high-quality and calm adult space equipped with Asahikawa furniture and wood-burning stove, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that moves from the large windows without worrying about the cold.

In Biei, animals, plants and people spend their time quietly in the colorful nature of the four seasons.

“Skavla” is a “wind and snow crest”, a pattern of a snowy field created by the wind. In the middle of winter, Skavla is formed on the hill.

How to stay

(For example …)
When you arrive in the evening, take a break with Skavla’s original herbal tea, which is a blend of 12 kinds of herbs.
The picturesque view from the wooden frame window slowly and quietly changes.
At dusk, the Daisetsuzan / Tokachidake mountain range and the hill where the tractor runs slowly are dyed vividly, and an airplane dyed in orange lit by the sun appears quietly with the mountain in the background and is ready to land at Asahikawa Airport. When the sun goes down, the moon slowly rises from the edge of the mountain and stars appear in the night sky.
For dinner, enjoy a special course exclusively for guests staying at Skavla at the Michelin Guide listing shop “Chai” in Biei Town, which is a 5-minute drive away.
On the way back, buy your favorite snacks at a nearby supermarket or convenience store and head to Skavla.
While watching the flames of the wood-burning stove, quietly talk with your loved one with a glass of wine, and the night goes on slowly. Let’s sleep when we get sleepy. Expect a spectacular view tomorrow morning.
Feel the light of the sun in the morning, and when you wake up, you will see a magnificent view that spreads in front of you. In the spring, when the tractor slowly runs down the hill against the backdrop of the snowy mountains, bright summer such as green and yellow, Autumn colored in red and orange, and in winter, when the snow hills shine golden and silver, let’s look at it from the window of the room without doing anything.
If you go outside, you can blend in with nature. bird chirping in spring, the flowers of crops that bloom on farmland in summer, the fog that flows through the hills in autumn, in winter, there are footprints of red foxes and hares on the snowfields. Take a walk on the vast grounds of 4000 square meters, you can also take a walk to the nearby “Ken and Mary Tree”.
Eat a late breakfast after a little exercise. Ingredients from Biei (bread, wieners, fertilized eggs of flat-reared chickens, consomme soup of onions, vegetable juice, milk) are easily cooked in the built-in kitchenette.
Slowly grind the beans from a coffee shop in Biei with a mill and enjoy a cup of coffee while gazing at the beautiful scenery.
Please spend a special time only here.

“What I have never experienced before”
As an option, you can enjoy tractor driving, firewood chopping, bonfire, snowshoe walk, etc. on the premises. In addition, because it is located in a place where you can enjoy a superb view, the site is a shooting spot only for hotel guests.

Stay consecutively

It is recommended to stay consecutive nights to enjoy the time of Skavla and the time of Biei.
The scenery you can see depends on the day and time. You can spend your time forgetting the time by gazing at the beautiful scenery that can only be seen in that moment from the windows and the wooden deck.
You can also change the way you spend your time depending on the day. On the first day, slowly at Skavla, the second day is a hill tour, on the third day, head to Asahiyama zoo and Asahidake ropeway. On the 4th day …, on the 5th day ….

Check-in method

There is a reception when you enter the site from the Villa Skavla sign and proceed to the back.

The weather

Nature cannot be helped by human power. The scenery you see may not meet your expectations due to bad weather. Bad weather is something that allows you to discover new harshness of nature in bad weather. The owner himself considers blizzards and thunderstorms to be one of the seeds for creating a spectacular view.