Basic Information


If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Check in & out

Check in 16:00-20:00
If you arrive after 20:00, please contact us.

Check out 9:00-11:30
If you depart before 9:00, please let us know by the day before.

Foods & Kitchen

For those who wish, we will prepare bread, sausages, eggs, and juice (contents may change depending on the season) free of charge, focusing on local ingredients such as Biei as a breakfast set.
The room is small but equipped with a kitchen, so please enjoy it at your favorite time. Please feel free to contact us about the shops that sell local ingredients.
It takes about 5 minutes by car to the city center of Biei where there are many delicious shops, and there are also shops where you can take it home or deliver it.

※We do not serve cooked meals for dinner and breakfast.

※We will introduce restaurants in the neighborhood, but please make reservations by yourself.

※Ventilation fans in kitchenettes are small and have limited capacity. We do not recommend cooking strong odors such as grilled meat and Genghis Khan, as they may leave an unpleasant odor in your room during your stay.


We offer carefully selected coffee and herbal tea as a welcome drink.


Deep roasted beans from the coffee and bread shop “GOSH” in Bibaushi, Biei Town. Please enjoy the freshly ground with a manual mill. You can also enjoy homemade cakes at the shop.

Herb tea

Next to Biei, Asahikawa’s “Lien” herbal tea. Drink a special blend of herbal teas and relax.


At this facility, we take the following measures so that our customers can stay with peace of mind.
Check the physical condition of the staff
Thorough cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and ventilation of rooms and equipment
Installation of rubbing alcohol
Installation of ozone generator
Check-in at the villa

House Rules

  • Smoking is prohibited in the building. Please smoke outdoors. Please bring a portable ashtray, etc., as littering the butts may burn to dead leaves and dead grass.
  • Please refrain from bringing pets.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Kitchen
    • Refrigerator / toaster / electric kettle / microwave oven / plates / cups / chopsticks / various seasonings
  • Bath room
    • Bathtub / shower booth / dryer / washing machine
  • Air conditioner
    • Wood stove / gas central heating / air conditioning
  • Furniture
    • Asahikawa furniture made by Takumi Kogei (sofa, dining set, living chair, stool, etc.)
      Takumi Kogei https://takumikohgei.com/
    • 2 Simmons semi-double beds
  • Amenity
    • Face towel / Hand towel / Bath towel / Nightwear / Toothbrush / Cup / Cotton swab / Cotton / Hair brush / Wash pigment / Toner / Emulsion / Makeup remover / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Bath salts
  • Parking
    • Up to 2

Sightseeing Rules

Farmland is a farmer’s private land and is an important living base. Infectious diseases can occur when you enter, and crops can be destroyed. Please do not enter. In addition, the scattering of garbage on farmland may hinder farm work, such as breaking down the tractor. Please manage your garbage well. We hope that you will understand that this wonderful landscape is preserved only by the farmer’s activities.